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Yevgeny Arye - Master Course - Acting


“False Flag” - TV series - Keshet TV - Netflix - Apple TV - Amazon Prime
The series was acquired by Fox International and was its first acquisition of a foreign-language. series on a global scale. The show will be broadcast in 127 countries.


“Bazel 66” - Short film - Dir. Avi Belkin
Lead role in Belkins first film. Avi Belkin is now the toast of Hollywood
“Finita La Comedia” - Dir. Alexander Morfov - European Union
International award winning production playing in 3 languages
“Back & Forth” - Co. Starring - Asi Dayan - Lucy Dubinchik - Henry David
Lead role in the last production with the legendary Oscar winner Asi Dayan


“Cherry Orchard” - Dir. Yevgeny Arye - Gesher Theater
Petya in Anton Chekhov's imortal play.
“Dybbuk” - Dir. Yevgeny Arye - Gesher Theater
Menahem in Ansky’s classic play adapted by Roee Chen
“To The End This Time” - Shay Shabtay - Tzavta Theater
Lead role in an original Israeli play by Shay Shabtay
“The Tunnel” - Dir. Irad Rubinshtein - Gesher Theater
Gil - TV Presenter - in the biggest box office hit of the year.

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