Konstantin Frank | קונסטאנטין פראנק



2009-2013 Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts Max Reinhardt Seminar – major in acting


2016 Matteo Unger, SOKO DONAU, TV series, directed by Olaf Kreinsen, Austrian national broadcasting company ORF in coop. with Second German Television Broadcaster ZDF
2016 Marc Chagall, MDR-Timetravel, TV documentary-fiction series, directed by André Meier, MDR television broadcaster in coop. with ARTE
2015 Partisan, WE ARE STILL ALIVE, TV feature film, directed by Nikolaus Leytner, Austrian national broadcasting company ORF in coop. with First German Television Broadcaster DAS ERSTE


2013 Ludwig, LOVE/POWER, feature film, directed by Dieter Berner, cinema only, Vienna
2010 Andreas, SOLANUM, short film, directed by Wolfgang Auer, festivals only


2015/2016 Christopher Boone, THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME by Simon Stephens/Mark Haddon, directed by Elias Perrig, State Theatre Wuppertal, Germany
2015 Benvolio, ROMEO & JULIET by William Shakespeare, directed by Robert Sturm, State Theatre Wuppertal, Germany
2014 Nedeljko Cabrinovic, THIS TOMB IS TOO SMALL FOR ME by Biljana Srbljanovic, directed by Mina Salehpour, Schaubühne Berlin Theatre, Germany
2013 Fox, PINOCCHIO by Carlo Collodi, directed by Mario Portmann, State Theatre Konstanz, Germany
2013 Alexander Ziegler, LABYRINTH by Alexander Ziegler, directed by Philip Rubner, Stage theatre of Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna, Austria
2013 Rex, PHALLACY by Carl Djerassi, directed by Lucija Dedic (Brnic), International Summer Academy Festival in Reichenau/Rax, Austria
2012 Man/Death, DISSAPEARED IDENTITY based on various pieces by Franz Kafka, directed by Nicolas Charaux, International Summer Academy Festival in Reichenau/Rax, Austria
2012 Ensemble/second clown, THE BADEN-BADEN LESSON ON CONSENT by Bertolt Brecht, directed by A.Vogelgesang & C.Wirth, Schönbrunn Stage Theatre, Vienna, Austria
2012 Gregor Samsa, THE CASE OF GREGOR SAMSA based on F.Kafka’s Metamorphosis, directed by Josua Rösing, off-production in cooperation with Max Reinhardt Seminar stage theatre, Vienna, Austria

כישורים מיוחדים

Clown, masks, stage fencing, ballroom dancing, horse riding, snowboard, parkour, driver‘s license





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